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John Finley, President/CEO

The Jeweler's Loupe, located in the heart of beautiful Downtown Aiken, opened in 1987. Owner, John Finley, has been in the jewelry industry since the young age of 15. His father, a longtime local business owner, trained him in the various aspects of the family business -- from jewelry repair and purchasing to marketing, customer service, and management. After graduating from North Augusta High School in 1987, John began working at The Jeweler's Loupe full time ultimately took over as President/CEO.

John is a family man. He married his high school sweetheart. They have two sons and a beautiful daughter with special needs. They are active members of Abilene Baptist Church in Martinez. John credits God with all of the blessings bestowed upon his family and his business.

John attributes much of his success in the jewelry business to his loyal customers and great staff. His employees are experienced in the jewelry industry, and they know that customer satisfaction is the most important component to the success of The Jeweler's Loupe. 

The Jeweler's Loupe strives to give the best service and prices possible. His employees have always told him that the store could make more money if he didn't give such a large discount, but he wants to treat his customers the way he wants to be treated as a consumer.

John Finley, President/CEO

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